Friday, April 23, 2010

New matching sets

I have several of these matching sets in sizes 12 mo-5T. I also have a few different colors...I will post pics later. I can do any design to match the shorts.  Email me with for pricing.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Slowly but surely...

I will get back to my sewing!

We have our house sold. We have moved our things out. But we still haven't closed!!! One issue after another keeps coming up! Selling a house is a pain in the rear these days! You as the seller have to bend over backwards for the the buyers. We have spent SO much money trying to please them...ugh!

Almost all of our belongings are now in storage in GA while the kids and I stay here for 8 more weeks so they can finish out the year of school. One important item I kept here with me is my beloved embroidery machine. I have bought so many new designs for Spring and Summer!! Oh I can't wait to get back to sewing! I will post all my new designs as soon as I get my desk top up and running. :)